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Slab Foundation Repair

The foundation of any home is the most important part of the house. Without a doubt, there are different types and categories of foundations in today’s world. Each of these foundation types is determined by the process of production, sizes, and applications. This type of foundation has gained a lot of popularity, especially among homeowners in warm climates. Despite the sturdy nature and toughness of a slab foundation, it cannot withstand cold temperatures. It may also get damaged after continuous exposure to environmental conditions. As a homeowner, it’s important that you can identify signs of damage on a slab foundation. At Paris Foundation Repair, we are capable of different forms of slab foundation repair. We identify the source of the problem and tackle it directly.


When you start to notice cracks on your slab foundation, it’s a sign that something is wrong with this structure. Cracks and fault lines may appear directly on the foundation or rocks surrounding the structure. While it may not be something to worry about immediately, the problem could slowly build up over time. When your foundation starts to get weaker, it will shift the entire house out of position. Some cracks may be found outside the foundation - on windows and door frames. As soon as a crack is spotted, there should be further investigation into the cause of the problem.

Windows and Doors

The entire house sits on the foundation and will be affected by any actions that occur on it. If you’re observant, you may notice some problems with the way and manner your doors and windows operate. If your doors start getting jammed in too tightly or windows fail to latch, there may be an underlying problem with the foundation. If your doors or windows also fail to close as they used to do, pay some attention to what’s going on beneath the house.

Straight Exterior Walls

Foundation problems are often caused by shifting and expansion of the sound around it. The structure itself may not be defective but the constant movement of the soil around it will cause fault lines to develop. A great way to identify this type of impact on your property is by checking the conditions of the exterior walls. Are your walls straight or are they leaning into the property? Confirm the straightness of your exterior walls with a level to determine the next course of action.

Indoor Humidity and Smells

We’ve looked at structural tell-tale signs that your building is suffering. An unexpected sign of foundation damage is indoor humidity and heavy smells. Not all humidity issues are caused by foundation problems. But if the smell continues to linger for an extended period, it could be a bad sign. At Paris Foundation Repair, we handle all aspects of foundation repair professionally and keep our clients happy. Through our long years of experience serving homeowners in the region, we have developed innovative techniques to solve your foundation problems.

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