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Pier and Beam Repair

The Pier and Beam foundation are one of the most popular foundation types adopted by homes in this region. If you have a home with a crawl space, then your structure is most likely built on a pier and beam foundation. This type of foundation is designed to sit on evenly balanced concrete footings. The purpose of the concrete footings is to ensure that the load and weight of the building are evenly balanced. The weight of the structure is accepted by the beams located under the house before it is further redistributed to the piers. Often, this foundation is made to be tough but it can also develop faults and problems. At Paris Foundation Repair, it's our job to deal with any damage that may have affected your pier and beam foundation. We are capable of working on a variety of faults in your structure.

Tell-tale Signs Of Damage In Pier And Beam Foundation

Without any doubt, a pier and beam foundation is designed for solidity and firmness. But it will also weaken and deteriorate gradually. When the foundation has grown weak, it may crumble under the weight of the house. This means that foundation problems are a danger to the safety of homeowners and their families. As a result, swift action must be taken to identify damage in your foundation and fix it quickly. When you notice damage in your foundation, don't attempt to fix it yourself. While you may have some construction experience, fixing a pier and beam foundation is a specialized process that requires unique handling. So, what are the signs that tell you to have a look at your foundation?


Have you noticed cracks on any part of the foundation? Are there cracks on the exterior part of the building? If so, then you may have some underlying foundation problems. Cracks may be caused by changes in the thermal state of the soil surrounding the foundation. The frequent heating up, expansion, and contraction will take their toll on the foundation causing it to weaken.

Sunken Foundation

Are any parts of your home beginning to sink into the floor? Does it feel like the weight of the home is resting predominantly on one end? If so, then you need foundation repair specialists to have a look at your property. The concrete footings that are designed to lift the weight of the entire structure may begin to go deeper into the soil. Or it may be another part of the home. When left unattended, the home may sink more or the structure may crumble under the unbalanced weight.

Leaning Chimney

Chimneys are meant to transport smoke and other unwanted gases out of the home. As a result, they are designed to be straight and extend into the air. A leaning chimney could mean that the foundation is no longer able to support the positioning of the chimney. Without the right support, it will lean on other parts of the house. At Paris Foundation Services, we are experts at all types of pier and beam foundation damage. We will restore your house to the state that it was. We understand that a home with foundation problems is unattractive. Therefore, we have designed innovative solutions to restore the value of your home.

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