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Cracked Wall Structural Repair

Let's say that you've finally been able to get your dream property. While it'll be new for the first few years, deterioration and degradation will occur after some time. Cracks in the wall are one of the first signs of structural problems in any property. Some of the cracks in the wall are not indicators of serious underlying problems. These cracks are unattractive and they may also be an indication of a big problem with the foundation. So, how can you tell if a fault line in the interior of your home is hiding a potential foundation problem? Paris Foundation Repair is an expert at sealing wall cracks and determining their underlying cause.

Settling And Subsidence

When building a property, some level of excavation has to be done. The amount and depth of the excavation that is performed depend on the type of house or property that you intend to build. Some homes require more soil disruption than others. Disturbed soil will get compact over time and settle slowly, leading to a crack in the wall. This process may take a few months to many years to be completed. Natural settling will cause vertical cracks instead of big jagged cracks. Natural settling is a process that will occur over time, but under a wall would damage the wall.

Reactive soils

Reactive soils are found everywhere and they can be a big problem for homeowners. These types of soils are those that expand a lot when wet and contract when they dry up. Clay is a popular example of reactive soil. Non-reactive soils include sand and gravel. It's a good idea to test the characteristics of the soil to determine its reactivity and how it will affect the conditions of the building above it.

Climatic Conditions And Seasonal Changes

The soil also reacts to climatic conditions and changes in the season of the region. Events such as drought and flooding may result in contraction or expansion of the soil underneath the house. There may also be changes in the water table under the house that would lead to wall cracking. These types of wall cracks are not as obvious as those caused by foundation problems.

Excavation And Construction Work In The Region

If you live in an area that is close to a construction site or within the proximity of a quarry, you may experience wall cracks too. The shock waves and vibrations sent through the region during the use of heavy machinery, explosions, and soil blasting can cause the structure to suffer. After an extended duration, cracks may begin to form on your wall. At Paris Foundation Repair, we understand that wall cracks may be caused by various reasons. We have developed innovative solutions to tackle different types of wall cracks. If you live in an area that frequently experiences earth tremors and earthquakes. We service homeowners in Paris, Texas. It's our job to restore your property to its former state.

cracks in the wall
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