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Commercial Foundation Repair

Commercial foundations are completely different from traditional ones. Commercial foundation structures are designed to support larger buildings and require specialized construction processes. Despite their toughness, they will slowly get weaker. If you manage or own a commercial building, its maintenance should be your top priority. The foundation of the building is a crucial part that should be looked after, but most people hardly think about it. It may be costly and impractical to perform regular inspections on your commercial foundation. But when you are about to identify the signs of structural damage in your property, it's possible to take swift actions to deal with the problem. Paris Foundation Repair has foundation repair contractors that will closely inspect your property, identify the cause of the problem and handle it effectively.

Wall Cracks

Have you noticed any cracks on the wall in the interior or exterior of your home? While these cracks may seem small and hard to observe, they may be a sign of underlying foundation problems. You need to examine the shape of the crack, where it's located, and the size of these fault lines. Stair step cracks located on brick walls are an indicator that there are faults in your commercial foundation. The sooner you notice these cracks, the better for your property.

Fascia Gaps

The fascia of your home is the part that connects the exterior walls to the roof. Did you notice any gaps in your fascia? Gaps in this part of your home could be a sign that your commercial foundation has started to settle or sink. Tall story buildings are susceptible to this type of fault or foundation problem.

Interior Cracks

Asides from the cracks you notice on the walls of your home, there may be obvious fault lines in other parts of the house. These cracks may appear in the drywall, separation between walls and joints, windows, door frames, and so on. Cracks are a bad sign, especially in buildings with a lot of traffic and movement. These cracks may be a sign of minor damage or they could indicate foundation damage. When you notice this sign, contact professionals to inspect your foundation damage.

Plumbing And Drainage

Are you experiencing plumbing issues? Or have you suddenly noticed patches of wetness in different parts of the building structure? If so, you may have issues with your commercial foundation. The drainage system of your home is buried underneath your home and will be affected by faults to your foundation. Don't ignore these problems because the excess water could cause the foundation to deteriorate quickly. At Paris Foundation Repair, we are experts at repairing commercial foundations. We will lookout for the safety of your building and its structural integrity. If you have noticed issues with your foundation, we can help you tackle these foundation problems. We can also help you inspect the condition of your foundation. Detecting and repairing the faults quickly will save you stress and money.

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